Saturday, June 20, 2009

Raw Power Shiraz 2006
$15 or Under
Adelaide Plains, Australia

Falling just short of sniffing gunpowder and shooting up EPI pens there is ‘Raw Power Shiraz.’ A palate and marketing punch in the face, this wine screams at the anti-authoritarian crowd. The bottle adorns ‘Exploited’-esque skulls and safety pins on the label plus a totally punk rock importing story; that I cannot share in a public forum. Let’s just say the story on the back of the bottle is more ‘Spinal Tap’ than ‘Sex Pistols.’

This is an intense wine with fruit forward characteristics. The oak is well integrated on the palate. For a wine that boasts “Raw Power” it is not an oak bomb. The ‘Power’ is really in this wines longevity and resistance to deterioration after oxygen has been introduced, i.e. after being opened. You could pop this bottle and leave it open for 4 days and it would still be delicious on the 4th day. The oxygen aids in the evolution of the flavors.

Pair with pizza, curries, mexican food...cuisines with gutsy flavors

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