Thursday, July 19, 2007


Serrano Wrapped Fig with Toasted Pignoli Nuts and Chive


¼ Lbs. Serrano Ham
1 Package Dried Figs
1 Small Package of Pignoli Nuts
2 Pinches of Cayenne Red Pepper
1 Pinch of Salt
1 Bunch Chives


*The assembly is different than pictured. I think its best not to chop all the ingredients for the sake of aesthetics but the assembly is easier if everything is chopped. Let time decide. The flavors are the same, plus there’s the added surprise textures that are wrapped in the ham.

1. Destem figs. And shape into a wheel.

2. Carefully wrap the Serrano around the fig so that a cylinder is formed.

3. Toast the pignoli’s with salt and cayenne until lightly browned.

4. Drop a proportionate amount of nuts on top of the fig leaving enough room to seal the ham around them.

5. Use the chive as a wrap and encircle the fig and ham. Tie a knot and serve.

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